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  • Sep2018

    WISDOM won the State Grid of China bid with the
    total amount No.1.


  • Oct2017

    WISDOM smart metering industrial park was completed.
  • Feb2017

    Awarded as the benchmarking enterprise of Shandong
    electronic information industry.
  • Jan2017

    The high voltage metering lab of Shandong province
    was established.


  • Oct2016

    Ranked the 3rd among the meter suppliers
    of State Grid of China.


  • Jul2015

    Listed on the stock market.
  • Apr2015

    Won the Mayor Quality Award.
  • Feb2015

    Launched the construction of WISDOM smart
    metering industrial park.


  • Nov2014

    We made our new milestone,
    the first 1 billion RMB annual bidding amount.
  • Nov2014

    The company passed the evaluation of
    Shandong enterprise technology center
  • Oct2014

    The high voltage metering terminal won
    the bid of JIBEI power company and Shandong
    power company orderly. The produce line was
    finished, the high voltage metering termial
    began to bulk produce.
  • Oct2014

    The Creative Studio of Dengwendong,
    entered the list of Yantai Model Workers Studio.
  • Sep2014

    The company entered the list of the
    constructionorganization of China central
    government energy saving system.
  • Apr2014

    The company finished the shareholding reform,
    the register capital change to 79.8 million RMB.
  • Apr2014

    The company participated in project of the
    National 863 Leading Edge Search,
    the development of the multi-formation intelligent
    process wireless monitoring technology.
  • Apr2014

    The general manager Mr. Zhangxia
    was awarded Yantai Model Worker


  • Nov2013

    The WISDOM brand passed the evaluation of the
    Shandong Famous Brand recognized council.
  • Jul2013

    The company won more than 30% three phase energy
    meter share of SGCC. We are the no.1 at the ranking list.
  • Jul2013

    The company was awarded the honor of "The Best solution
    of Chinese Software and Information Service
  • Apr2013

    The project, high voltage metering standard and value
    sourcing transiting research, which supported by
    national fund, was passed the evaluation
    of relevant national organization.
  • Feb2013

    The company won the digitalizing
    meter bid of SGCC JIANGSU power branch
    company .The total quantity is 3170 units.
    It is the biggest order for domestic digitalizing meter.
  • Jan2013

    The company was awarded AA class taxpayer enterprise.
  • Feb2013

    The company obtained the license of
    Meter Device Produce for 0.2S class 10KV
    metering terminal. This license is the
    first one in this area.


  • 10.082012

    The company was officially recognized
    as the National torch high-tech Enterprise.
  • 07.192012

    Winning over 320 million US$ of single tender
    of SGCC, enter top 10 list. Our products
    cover all provinces of china,
    and sales reach to South Asia, Africa market.
  • 07.022012

    General manager Mr Zhangxia was award outstanding
    entrepreneur of country electronic industry.
  • 06.272012

    Digital energy meter products cover 20 provinces.
  • 06.152012

    DF6501 energy quality monitoring
    equipment was successfully developed and push to the market.
  • 06.052012

    The company begin to get into
    demand side manage area.
  • 05.112012

    Three phase multi-function energy meter,
    smart energy meter was approved by energy saving material
    council of Shandong province.


  • 12.122011

    10KV high voltage energy metering standard
    and energy source tracing and transit technology project
    passed the achievement test of AQSIQ, reach advanced level.
    Meanwhile.10KV high voltage developed successfully
    and put into trial operation.
  • 11.242011

    Entering the energy quality management area,
    win the bid of Sichuan, Shandong
    power recharge station project.
  • 11.012011

    Installation meter bulk enter
    domestic and overseas market.


  • 12.132010

    The company took part in the
    national technical support plan.
  • 10.202010

    The company get the certificates
    of ISO1400:2004, OHSAS18001:2007.
  • 09.152010

    The company was obtained the
    energy saving achievement award.


  • 12.132009

    The company got the
    certificate of ISO9001:2008.
  • 10.202009

    The products begin to
    enter the overseas market.
  • 09.152009

    All series energy meter of SGCC was finished,
    and the company got the biggest
    share of three phase energy meter.
  • 09.152009

    The company was official
    recognized as the enterprise
    technician developing center.


  • 12.132008

    The company as one of the first
    batch member passed the official recognize
    of high-tech enterprise by national council in the first batch.
  • 09.152008

    The company assume establish the GB/T17215.322-2008锟斤拷
    GB/T17215.322-2008. National standard
    for energy meter.
  • 10.202008

    The company accomplish the
    electricity keeping task for
    2008 Beijing Olympic.
  • 10.202008

    The company assume
    the key technology project plan.
  • 09.152008

    Establishing the
    electricity saving monitoring project center of Yantai city.


  • 12.132007

    Three phase multi-function
    obtained the famous brand of Shandong province.
  • 09.152007

    The first digital energy
    meter was developed successfully.


  • 12.132006

    The 0.2S class multi-function
    energy meter begin to push to market.


  • 02.132005

    The company obtained the
    excellent software enterprise of Shandong province.


  • 02.132004

    The GPRS based remote control
    high voltage energy metering
    system was developed.


  • 01.212003

    The company Yantai Dongfang Wisdom electric CO.,LTD.
    was established.
  • 08.212003

    The company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality
    management system test.
  • 09.212003

    The company passed the double software test.
  • 10.082003

    The new generation leading
    three phase multi-function energy meter,
    substation energy meter was developed.


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