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Fifteen Years Joint Efforts,Striving for New Journey
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On 7th,February 2018, “The 15 Years Anniversary Celebration Meeting of Yantai Dongfang Wisdom Electric Co.,Ltd”was solemn held at Yantai City Hall. With the presiding by the executive vice president Mr.Liu Zhijun, the party chief and president of Dongfang Electronic Co.,Ltd Mr.Yang Hengkun , the vise general manager Mr.Sun Jinqin, the president and general manager of Yantai Dongfang Wisdom Electric Co.,Ltd Mr.Zhang Xia , former president Mr.Lu Zhixun,managers,partners and near a thousand WISDOM staff attended the meeting.

Mr.Yang Hengkun delivered a speech at the meeting. He first congratulated WISDOM on the 15 years anniversary of its establishment, fully affirmed WISDOM"s achievements, highly praised WISDOM"s entrepreneurial spirit and team spirit, and pointed out the direction for WISDOM"s future development.
DFE President Mr.Yang Hengkun delivered the speech
Mr.Zhang Xia made a report with the theme of “Fifteen Years Joint Efforts,Striving for New Journey” . Through reviewing the development history of the last fifteen years, he summarized the achievements and experiences, expected the bright future of enterprise development, fully expounded how to grasp the market opportunities, focus on strength, guard against arrogance and rashness, calm to meet the challenges for the better future of company.
WISDOM President Mr.Zhang Xia made the report
Former WISDOM president Mr.Lu Zhixun gave the blessing speech
On behalf of the company, the vise general manager, chief scientist  Mr.Deng Wenddong commended a large number of advanced individuals who have devoted themselves to their work and loved their posts for pioneering and innovation in the past 15 years.
Representative of the awarded advanced individuals
The last 15 years of WISDOM,the enterprise development and strategy plan have kept anticipating and generating, all staff have kept exploring and striving, the production management and capital operation have kept making historic achievements, company cause has kept making historic changes.The annual compound growth rate of the company"s operating income and profit is more than 40%; The scale of assets increased by 500 times to over 2 billion yuan. It has created an accumulated output value of more than 5 billion yuan and paid over 500 million yuan in taxes. On average, more than 20 percent of new jobs were created each year. The product range has been developed into 11 product business groups spanning smart power grid, environmental protection and energy saving, covering all provinces in mainland China and exported to South Asia, southeast Asia, Africa and other overseas markets. Since the biding of State Gird of China in 2009, WISDOM’s market ranking has finish the big span from the sixty to the top three. With ranking in the top three for two consecutive years, WISDOM has successfully entered the first echelon of  supplier of the State Gird of China. The bid winning category has covered all products: smart energy meters, mart terminals, energy metering and managing system and other mature products with its advanced, stable and market share, enjoy a high reputation in the industry; Other innovate products and solutions such as smart monitoring terminal for medium voltage line, electronic transformer, automation testing equipment and smart distribution equipment, with huge market potential and high technical starting point, they have been widely praised by experts and customers in the industry and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises.
On the celebration party, on behalf of Mr.Yang , Mr.Ding and DFE, Mr.Sun made an passionate speech. Mr.Zhang expressed his thanks to all the present guests. 
The art programs created and performed by the staff were rich and colorful. The joyful songs,wonderful dance and exciting events made the whole party climax repeatedly. Under the atmosphere of endeavour, moving, warm and happy, the party made a successful conclusion.
“Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit.”  Regardless the changing situation and the difficulties, we are glad to every single solid step, looking forward to the unknown journey. With the great trust of long-term development and the good vision of all WISDOM people, upholding the enterprise spirit of “Dedication Pragmatic Innovation Surpass”, the company will reform the mentality, overcome difficulties ,strive for success and constantly creating the new situation of WISDOM career!  



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